We will be cooking anonymously for you! Save the personnel expenses and impress your guests with high quality. This recognizes top-manager.

We may not be manager, however we are top chefs and we are preparing for you buffets, menus or simply helping you out with bottlenecks.

P.S.: we are even cooking anonymously for catering companies! 🙂


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As we are all aware, it is the personnel expenses that we must wrap our head around all the time. In times when we reach full house, we are glad about every single staff member. However, this is not always the case. And that is when we step into the game.

We are cooking the whole year with high quality and we are delivering the desired meals in any quantity and at any time directly to your hotel or to your catering.

Menu and price list will be sent to you on personal demand.
With pleasure, we are taking care of special requests, and we are also willing to produce dishes, that are not set on the menu.